[Automation] Automatically send emails to app users

Configure actions (on triggers like a button click or at a specific time) to send emails automatically from your built apps. In the first version, one should be able to customize the subject and message of the email.

One can send automated emails from the app to anyone in your Users database, you can send emails to users even if they are not in your Notion workspace.

Hey Sameer,

Adding some input for this feature for your consideration

Ability to send email to:

  1. Specific email addresses (no need to be in the database)
  2. Selected people in the database
  3. Selected people in the database based on a criteria such as
  • Property role = “Manager”
  • People that are linked (relation) to the person who create / update a row

As you probably know, Notion has some automation to send notifications but they are limited to people with a Notion Subscription and also limited to sending email to people that are part member of the workspace if I’m not misleading.

That’s correct, @Julien. We want to cover all these cases.

P.S. If Notion moves more towards disallowing external automation through webhooks, we will build out this feature over the next few months.