Parent/child hierarchy and self-referencing filters


I really like what you’re doing with NotionApps - I can think of so many applications already.

One feature I think would expand the capability a lot is to support parent/child relationships with a self-referencing filter (as Notion itself supports).

Here are a few examples this would enable:

  1. A record collection app with artists (parent) and their albums (child)
  2. A stock management app with stock units (parent) and movements of each unit (child)
  3. A project management app with projects (parent) and tasks for each project (child)

If the “+” icon on each page (parent or child) would allow you to add a record at each level that would be so useful.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.


Hey Gordon! Welcome to the NotionApps community! If I understand correctly, a parent-child relationship is how Notion represents Relations. We have started working on the support for Relation columns. With it, you will be able to view/add/update related pages from the parent page. As it’s a big feature, we will hopefully be shipping it by the end of next month.
You can track the progress of the feature on our Roadmap here, Do upvote it so that we can keep measuring the community’s interest in Relations.


Hi Jatin,
Yes, that’s right. These are connected by relations in Notion. Great that you’re developing that functionality and I look forward to testing it when it’s released. Good luck :+1:

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Yes. Getting the relation sounds to me like a MUST have. Great that you’re working on that.

Once the relation feature is there, would it be possible to do the following:

  • My users (table User) login to the app
  • The add products (product table)
  • A relation is automatically set between the product added and the user who add it so that each time a user landa consult a product, he can see who has added the product.

This work for products but it is a valid case for whatever page added to a table (product, project, doc, event,…).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Julien. Relations is definitely a must-have feature, and we are actively working on it.

The workflow you described is part of the feature’s scope. When a logged-in user adds a new item to a “Products” database which has a relation to “Users” database, there will be an option to automatically update the relation values as the logged-in user.

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Gracias Sameer. I’m keen on getting this feature. I believe it will really open new use cases :ok_hand:

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