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Hello, NotionApps community!

I have been developing a solution for a client and have now realized that the plus plan of NotionApps only allows up to 100 users. Is there another plan with a higher user limit? If not, is that coming soon?

Thank you so much!
Letícia Bergantini


Currently, we have four different plans (Pricing • NotionApps).

FREE plan ($0/mo) - 2 users
PLUS plan ($19/mo) - 100 users
PRO plan ($49/mo) - 1000 users
PREMIUM plan ($149/mo) - Unlimited users

However, we are revamping our plans over this week to make them more friendly to individual creators and businesses. Under the new plans, we will split our users into internal/external users.

Internal users - An internal user is anyone with an email domain,

(Users with free email domains like Gmail, Outlook, etc are not counted)

External users - An external user is anyone who is not an internal user, it is usually someone with a free email domain like Gmail, Outlook, etc

The new plans will be as follows:

FREE plan ($0/mo) - 1 internal user, 2 external users
PLUS plan ($19/mo) - 10 internal users, 1000 external users
PRO plan ($49/mo) - 50 internal users, 5000 external users
PREMIUM plan ($149/mo) - Unlimited internal users, Unlimited external users

With these new plans, a fitness coach or a creator can sell subscriptions/access to their content. While businesses can provide access to limited internal employees.

We are still working on refining this pricing and want to make sure it’s accessible to everyone. Please let me know if you feel there should be some changes to the new pricing.

Thank you, Jatin! We have upgraded for the PRO plan for a trial. We think that is going to work for us now.

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