Ability to design the layout and look of the apps

An option to be able to customise the design and layout of the apps more with custom CSS, or a drag-and-drop interface.

By making them more aesthetic, they can potentially become quite profitable apps which depending on the service you could charge for as a service

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Hi, @hass! We are working on supporting showing page content (not just properties) on the app screens. That way you can show all the page data inside the apps. Pages can be formatted to your liking. Will this help with your use case?

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Hi @jatin_notionapps thanks for getting back!

This would definitely get you some way there yes. What’s the rough ETA for this?

Also, would this include embeds into the page also?

Yes. We are still finalizing the nuances and I will keep this thread updated when it’s clear whether embeds are included. Most probably, they will be included.

We are planning to launch page content embedding around the second week of July. Currently, the whole focus is on providing support for formula and rollup columns.

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Hi @jatin_notionapps hope you’re well :slight_smile:

Any update on this feature? Also just further to it, would it be possible to have an option to add custom CSS so eventually you can fully style the apps however you like?

This would make them EXTREMELY powerful and one could essentially wrap Notion into any app you like?

Thanks in advance, keep up the great work

Hi, @hass! While building the page content embedding, we came across multiple challenges due to Notion’s deep nesting structure. This caused some delays in the development of the feature. However, we were able to overcome those challenges. We will be launching it by the end of August (after enough testing). I might open an early beta for selected customers earlier and I will reach out to you over email about the same.
I apologize for the delay but we are working on a lot of good stuff in parallel, like full-width desktop view for your apps. I thank you for your patience and belief in NotionApps.

@jatin_notionapps don’t apologise brother, you’re doing a fantastic job and your product is great! This sounds good, yes please do keep me in the loop re page embedding and I am happy to test so please do let me know :slight_smile: