Ability to display filtered databases according to private user's email

It would be amazing if we could filter databases based on the private user’s email, allowing personalized data views. This would provide personalized apps in a really simple way.

As a developer for schools, this feature would be particularly useful to show students their assessment results without granting access to the entire database. I also believe many users would benefit from this simple yet powerful addition - since, today, notion does not support that option, as for a guest to see a filtered view of a database, they must be able to access the whole database - which is not a viable option.

I am a part of Notion Sampa’s community and I know for a fact other notion users would benefit from that simple feature.

Thank you,
Letícia Bergantini

Hey Letícia,

Thank you for requesting this feature. However, this feature already exists on NotionApps.

Here’s the documentation for the same, Database Permissions - Product Docs. To personalize data, you will have to create a users database, you can learn about that here, Private apps - Product Docs.

I hope this helps.

Hey Letícia,

Did the article help you in customizing the app data according to a private user’s email? I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have or jump on a call, if need be.

Hi Jatin,

I was so excited about using NotionApps that I forgot to come back here with an answer. Sorry about that!

I wanted to express my appreciation for the super useful article you shared. It helped me resolve my issue, and I’m really grateful.

Just a quick update on my end – I’ve successfully created one app for a client and am already utilizing NotionApps with another client. Both clients are extremely satisfied with the results.

We’re genuinely excited about the continued development of the NotionApps platform and eagerly await new features that may emerge.

Once again, thank you so much for your attention and support.