Alias emails for user base

I would like to set up the e-mail field of the user database with several addresses, that would work like aliases :
any of these e-mail would authenticate the corresponding user.

Could you explain the use case @cie172? There are possible workarounds to resolve this issue using automation.

I would like to allow several individuals (who have separate e-mail addresses) to be allowed to access the same user restricted items

Plus (but less important) some users forget which email addresses they’re registered with

Hey, @cie172! Our authentication system works on one user per email address basis. So it’s difficult to make it work for multiple email addresses. However, you could write a formula/automation to add aliases of email addresses to your restriction property of the database.
For example,
Primary email -
Alias -

Let’s say the restriction property of your database is “Assigned To”. You can create a formula property, let’s call it “Assigned To (with alias)”. The formula used in the property would check the email address in the “Assigned To” property and add its aliases as well in a comma-separated format.

Assigned To -
Assigned To (with alias) -,

And finally, you can choose the “Assigned To (with alias)” for restricting data. I hope this helps.

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