Can we get a duplicatable link for the app created

Hi Team

I am looking for a way which can help duplicate the template onto each person who has access to the link without affecting the original database.

Is it possible?

Also can we get an app to download and use from the system rather than being navigated to the URL?

At present I tried to build something, but the formulas are not working in the Filters when the app is live, rest all is good :+1:

Also how do we delete any added data from the app to the database?

Hope to hear back soon…:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Sanat,

Welcome to the NotionApps community! We don’t have support for third-party templates just yet. I will discuss this internally and get back to you.
As for the app, we can’t generate Android and iOS apps just yet. It might be possible in the future but not anytime soon.
Formulas that contain rollups might not be visible in the filters just yet. We are trying to find a way to solve this as part of the support for Relations.
You could enable the delete button on any details or update form screen. The screen that opens up once you click on a list row.

Hi Sanat,

Adding to Jatin’s points,

  1. While we are yet to support 3rd-party app templates on the website, you can send us the link to the app you built on NotionApps and the link of your Notion page (which must consist of all your databases in-line and must be public) to and we will add them manually in the backend.

  2. If you want to use the app from the device instead of the browser, you can use “Add to home screen” option when you open the link in a browser. If you want the app as an .apk or .ipa to list on app store there are many tools online that convert PWAs to .apk and .ipa files.