Creating non-database pages

Having the possibility to link non database pages could be very useful.

For exemple to create tutorials on how to use our apps, or for creating landing-pages.

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Hi @notionmat! Can you describe these use cases in detail? Are you looking to create landing page from Notion databases or you want to use the page layout to create landing pages?

To create tutorials about app usage, you can create a “View Single Item” screen with a some video components and text components. For example the About screen on this app,

Hi Jatin,

The “View single item” is great, but I don’t think it is possible yet to add text outside of the database text component, it would be great, to have more freedom regarding text formating.

I am thinking about a landing page made in a notion page’s body, using elements such as quotes or callouts that would enable us to make friendlier pages instead of just raw text. As we know landing page’s visual design is crucial for retention, it would be a huge plus for notionapps and its users.

For wikis you’re right, being able to embed videos and images is great and I think it can be enough for now.

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Thanks for sharing the details, @notionmat. I will discuss this internally and put it in the roadmap. However, we are waiting to get some more feedback and then take the final call on implementing it. I will keep this thread updated as we gather more data over the next few weeks.

Hey @notionmat. We have started work on how to show page content on the apps. I will update this thread once the feature is live.

I’d like to jump in with the same/similar idea as I would also like to be able to add Headlines & Paragraphs and maybe rudimentary style elements in Notion Apps, that are not part of a Notion database. At the moment, Divider and Lable seem to be the only components that don’t require a database property as input.
Maybe it could be possible to have notionapps create a “Style Elements” Database in Notion by itself that it then uses, when a user adds a “style component” in the App builder. Building the database backwards, so to speak. This would would mean you wouldn’t have to store the data for these components on your servers which might be an issue, as I imagine.

Welcome to the NotionApps community, John! We are actively working on supporting page content. The support should be out by the first week of October. With the support for page content, creating a Heading Notion block (or any other block) will make it visible with the same formatting on NotionApps.

As for building the data backwards, that’s a great idea in general! I would discuss this internally. However, in the short/medium term, page content would do the job.

The ability to view page blocks in the app is now live. Please check out the details here, Show Page Blocks - Product Docs.