CSS and JavaScript

Could you please add the ability, in the futures to use custom CSS and JavaScript for the more advanced users? It would be great to have a branded app for business. Thanks!

Hey @robyn_bieber! Welcome to the NotionApps community! We are launching a feature to show page content on the apps soon.

Custom CSS
With that, you could use your own CSS for the content on the pages and it would reflect on the apps. As for the app styling, we will be adding new colours in the coming months that will allow you to make the app look closer to your business brand. Then, the only thing left would be custom font which we have not decided the timeline on yet.

Custom Javascript
If I may ask, what are your use cases for the need for custom Javascript?

Hi @robyn_bieber! We just launched the ability to view page content blocks on the app. Please check the details here, Show Page Blocks - Product Docs.