Customizable Calendar Format with Monday Start

Hello everyone.

It would be incredibly helpful if there was an option to change the calendar format. It would be great if we could set the start of the week to Monday at least, as it often happens that Sunday is accidentally selected.

Thank you very much!

feels like this is a user preference as I’m ok with the calendar. However having the option to choose might help.

@jamiwe Are you referring to the mobile calendar or the desktop calendar? If possible, I would love to see a screenshot of the issue.

Sure. See the date picker in the PWA on my iPhone.

The date picker starts with “Sunday” which is not normale for non American countries :smiley: In Europe it would be correct it the week would start with Monday! Just a minor thing but I tend to pick the wrong dates because there is an “offset” for me in the calendar.

I agree. In Europe, the week starts on Monday. So having the week starting on Sunday will be misleading. This is why, all calendar applications (such as Notion Calendar, Google Calendar, etc.) have this configuration.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, @Julien & @jamiwe. We will get this fixed in the next couple of weeks.

How can i add Calender to my notionApp from Notion? thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Marjan_Strasek. NotionApps does not support a calendar view just yet but it is on our roadmap. I will update you once we have clarity on the timeline.

@Julien @jamiwe @thomas_yang we have changed the behaviour to show Monday as the first day in the calendar (only for European countries). Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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