Decimal and number type

this is a bug report
in a screen where you can update an item of type “number”
if you are in a country where the decimal separator is “,”
the number pushed to notion ignores the “,”
eg : if you type “1,5” you get “15” in notion

Hi, just change “,” to “.” and everything will work fine.

Not quite…
When you are on a number input type, the iPhone switches to a numeric keyboard where the decimal is , and not .

Thanks for reporting this. We faced an issue earlier where a German user was not able to add the decimal separator. We fixed it by allowing “,” in the number input. However, when we push your data to Notion, we have to send a plain number without any separators. But Notion should show the separator as long as the format is correctly configured on it. Can you check if the Number format for the property configured on Notion is with the separator?

yes, in notion the format is"decimal number"
in notionapps

  • if I type 12.4 it stays displayed as 12.4 and in notion I see 12.4
  • if I type 12,4 it’s shown as 124 when I save, and in notion I see 124

This is a tricky thing to solve. I will get back to you about it in a few days. The problem lies in either identifying “,” as a decimal point vs. a normal separator. We don’t know the intent from the customer’s end, so we end up removing the “,”.

For eg,
In country A, people want 1,234,567 → 1234567
In country B, people want 1,234 → 1.234

@cie172 I have added a fix for the decimal separator issue. If you use the comma as a decimal separator now, you’ll see the correct data is persisted into Notion. However, the visual representation of that data still needs a little bit of work which we are working on.

Hi, @cie172. The decimal number issue is now fully fixed. Thank you for your patience.

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