Direct to photo viewer

The app needs a way to go directly from a card in the list or grid view into the photo viewer to display a media file. Currently it requires clicking the card in list/grid → opens the individual database item, click the media file → see a full page photo viewer. For anyone looking to provide a list of photos, for example, this is two clicks to get to the image. Cutting out the middle step and allowing a user to go from grid item to photo in full screen would be very helpful.

Hi @Sam_Ashoo! Welcome to the NotionApps community.

I understand the issue with 2 clicks to get to the full-page photo viewer. If I may ask a couple of questions,

  1. Are you using a List or a Grid layout for your screens?
  2. When you click on the back button on the full-page photo viewer, would you like to come back to the row details screen or the main list screen?

Hi Jatin,

  1. I tested both screen layouts (list and grid). For images, I like the grid view better.
  2. Ideally, hitting the back button would bring me back to the main list screen (the grid view in item #1 above).


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Thank you for providing the details, Sam. We have noted this feature in our internal roadmap. I do not have a concrete date for its launch but I will update here once we start working on it.