Enhancing Automation in Notion: Leveraging Database Buttons

Hello everyone.
Recently, the database button update has been introduced in Notion. This feature is incredibly helpful for automating some tasks beyond the traditional automations.

Notionapps already has the feature to add buttons within the app. It would be incredibly helpful if these buttons could reference Notion database buttons to execute the functions stored there!

Thank you very much for this great opportunity!

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Is there anything specific you hope to achieve with the button?

I personally use database automation trigger to run automation inside NotionApps.

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@jamiwe Would love to hear your answer to Thomas’s question. It would help us understand your requirements better.

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I do run database automations in Notion as well, the problem is that the changes do only occur in NotionApps after a manual reload which takes some time with about 2000 database entries.

I do use a button to set specific entires in the database item.


Consulting process
Sales done?


After the sale is done, I click the button. I create a new page in a second database to track revenue. Than Date and Salesprocess are emptied. And the appoint will no longer occur in my “today” view. I would be happy to provide additional information!

Thanks for your efforts!