Features Request List (pre-defined filter, faster formula load speed)


For context, I’m currently developing an app for my Notion client so I’ll be updating this list periodically as I stumble upon new requests.

1. Pre-Defined Filter
Is it possible to have a pre-set filter but also allow users to perform an in-app filter?

This will be useful for apps like checklists where the default is shown incomplete but the user will still have the ability to select completed tasks.

  1. Slow Formula Update in Homescreen
    I noticed on the home screen it takes forever to update the formula in the app. I know there’s a PRO feature for manual refresh but I wonder if this will improve when my client subscribed to PRO plan?

Hey Thomas!

  1. For this, you could create 2 different screens. One to “View” completed tasks and the other to “View/Update/Input” all other tasks.
  2. I will look into this. And yes, manually reloading the data will show up the result almost immediately but it requires a user action. Ideally, this should be automatic.

(As for some background, the problem lies in the fact that formulas are calculated on Notion. So until we write to Notion, we don’t have the result available to us. Notion’s APIs fail often so there is no definite timeline for when our call to Notion will succeed.)

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got it. I can see how #2 can be hard but it’ll be great if it can be implemented.

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Hi @thomas_yang. We are picking up faster formula updates along with our relations implementation. Both of them should be ready in a couple of weeks.

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Hi, @thomas_yang! We have added a fix that allows faster automatic data refresh (after 5 seconds) for formulas & rollups after an item has been added or updated.

Please let us know if this works for you.