Introducing 15 new app templates & ability to clone them into your account

At NotionApps, we’re committed to enhancing your experience and simplifying your Notion workflows. We are happy to announce the launch of 15 brand-new app templates, designed to help you get started with NotionApps faster. You can see the app templates here,

  1. Customer Directory :telephone_receiver:
  2. Employee Directory :busts_in_silhouette:
  3. Task Tracker :date:
  4. Bug Tracker :lady_beetle:
  5. Field Operations :gear:
  6. Client Portal :briefcase:
  7. Member Portal :door:
  8. Student Portal :mortar_board:
  9. Catalogue :package:
  10. Clinic :hospital:
  11. Portfolio :open_file_folder:
  12. Restaurant :hamburger:
  13. Online Course :globe_with_meridians:
  14. Fitness Center :muscle:
  15. Fitness Coach :man_lifting_weights:

:link: Seamless Integration :link:
The best part? You can now clone these templates directly into your NotionApps account.

Thank you for being a part of the NotionApps community. Your feedback and support inspire us to improve and innovate continuously. Get started today and explore the new app templates!