Introducing improved desktop view

If there is one feature that came up in every second customer conversation in the last few months, gave us sleepless nights the last few weeks, and also gave us satisfaction the last few days as we’ve launched it is an improved Desktop View. And we decided to keep it FREE for all users!

You can build beautiful apps, for your users to access them not just on mobile, but also on laptops, tablets, and even large desktops.

How to use it?
Your apps will automatically have the “Desktop View” enabled. This means when your users open the app on a laptop or a desktop, the layout will be full-width and optimized for larger screens.

How to test on the builder?
When you open your app on NotionApps’ app builder, you will find a toggle next to the preview. Use the expand icon to view the desktop app in an expanded view.

App Navigation for desktop
The desktop view of your app can either have top or side navigation. To configure this, go to “All Screens”, select Desktop on the toggle, and select “Navigation Style”. You can also enable/disable screen icons.

Lists & forms on desktop
We redesigned the layouts of all screens to look better on desktop screens. You do not have to do any new configurations to make this work. Just build your app and see the magic happen.

Last but certainly not least, apps are fully responsive and automatically adjust to fit any screen size.


We hope you like what we’ve built with the desktop view. We look forward to your feedback.

Many thanks to @Julien @hass @Jordan_Ewert for providing their valuable feedback during the testing phase.