Introducing row-level database permissions on NotionApps

Hey everyone!

When we started building NotionApps, we saw a constant problem across the Notion communities about the need to limit the visibility to rows based on the logged-in user. For example, in a Task management application, the logged-in user should be able to see only the tasks assigned to them. Sometimes these users are not of Notion and don’t have access to Notion databases. That means one has to create individual views and share them with the users.

With the database permissions on NotionApps, simply select a column that contains the email address of your users, and when they log in, they will only be able to see the rows where their email address appears. If you have multiple email addresses, you can separate them using commas or use a multi-select property.

We look forward to feedback from Notion users and our community on how we can improve this feature.