Introducing Screen Actions: Set default property values when creating/updating data

Screen Actions in NotionApps allow you to streamline your workflow by automatically assigning default values to Notion properties when a user creates or updates an item in your app. This feature enables you to capture both fixed and dynamic values. You can read more about it here,

Some common use cases for screen actions,

  • Task Status: Set to “Not Started”

  • Assigned To: Capture the logged-in user’s email

  • Delivery Date: Set to 7 days from the current date

Is this similar to Notion database automation? This should fix the email issue for when user create a new ticket/ task :slight_smile:

You are right, this feature fixes the email issue! This means now, when a client uses your app to create a new ticket you can automatically set the “Client” property of the “Tickets” database to the logged-in client’s email address or something similar.

This is somewhat similar to Notion’s database automation, it is different because the actions get triggered when something happens on the app. This way you can store app-generated data automatically on Notion.

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