Introducing support for redirection to a link after form submission

We have added the support to redirect a user to an external link after submitting a form. Redirection enhances the user experience by guiding them through a page that indicates success or the next steps they need to take. Here are some common scenarios where this feature is particularly useful:

  1. Survey Completion: Once a user finishes a survey, redirect them to a page that thanks them for their input and possibly offers them a discount or entry into a contest as a token of appreciation.

  2. Content Submission: For apps that allow user-generated content, redirect users to a dashboard, gallery, or portfolio page after they submit their work, showing them that their submission was successful.

  3. Membership Registration: After a new user signs up for a service, redirect them to a welcome page that introduces them to the features of the app or directly takes them to the user app.

  4. Event Registration: After registering for an event, users can be redirected to a page where they can download their ticket or add the event to their calendar.

You can read more about this feature here,