[Live] List Filtering with properties from related databases

Today, our list filters are limited to properties from the current database and simple formulas. With this new feature, you can filter data of the current databases based on the properties of related databases.

For example, show all tasks in the list where the project is “in progress”.

The work on this feature has started.

This feature is now live.

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Hey there, how does this new feature work? Where do I find this option or further information about it? Thanks

Hey @none1000! Welcome to the community. When you select the Filtering logic on any list screen, you should be able to select a relation property and that will take you to the related database’s properties. You can read more about filtering and sorting here, https://docs.notionapps.com/customize-app/customize-a-screen/filtering-sorting-items.

Super, thanks a lot !!

Sounds like a very good feature! Well done :+1: