Looking for feedback on automatic data reload feature

Hey everyone,

As we start work on automatic data reload, we are looking to understand how frequently we need to refresh data from Notion (we have to pull data from Notion periodically as Notion does not provide a way for us to listen to changes made directly on Notion).

If you find this feature relevant, can you briefly describe your use case and the frequency at which you would want the Notion data to be refreshed in your apps?

For example,

Use case: Community Hub
Frequency: 30 minutes

Use case: Client Portal
Frequency: 12 hours

and so on…

P.S. We will also try and provide early access to the users interested in this feature.

My Client Portal is my primary app - every 12-24 hours would be great.

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Hello Jatin

I use apps to manage mainly calendars/doodles, ticket reservations
I think every hour would be great


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I’d be using it for financial management (once or twice a day refresh) and for task management (probably every hour ideal)

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Hi Jatin

Please note that the app is not in production. Nevertheless, let me explain the use case.
This is a marketplace. Users add products. A timestamp is added and a “Time since published” is calculated in Notion.

If a user A publish a product through the app, I would like:
1 - To have the “Time since published” automatically refreshed (Ideally realtime but I would say that every 5 min will be ok) on a regular basis even when user A has the app opened
2 - The product being visible to user B (even if user B is already connected to the app). here as well, ideally realtime but 5 mn should be ok.

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