Multiple Choice Attribute Filter Issue

Hello everyone.

I have the following issue. I’m using Notion for customer management, similar to a CRM, and one of the customer properties (multiple choice) is named “Appointment Type.” There are several options:

  • Existing Customer
  • Call List
  • New Customer
  • Service Appointment
  • Follow-up

The problem is that when a customer has both the “Existing Customer” and “Service Appointment” attributes selected, the filter in Notion apps doesn’t work as expected. When a customer selects more than one attribute from the multiple choice, they are not displayed in the filter results.

In this case, if I set the filter to “Service Appointment” in Notion apps, it only displays customers who have exclusively selected the “Service Appointment” attribute but not customers who have both “Service Appointment” and “Existing Customer” attributes.

How can this be resolved? Do you have any ideas? Thank you for your help!

Welcome to the community, @jamiwe! Could you please share your current filtering configuration?

Without knowing the configuration, I could suggest a couple of things. Please change the connector of your filtering to “OR” instead of “AND” (should show on the left side of the filters). Then, add 2 filtering conditions:

  1. “Appointment Type” is equal to “Service Appointment”
  2. “Appointment Type” is equal to “Existing Customer”

The resulting filter should show items with either condition 1 as true OR condition 2 as true.

Looking forward to your response.

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The problem is that when using the “Call List” or “Service Appointment” filter, I only see the contacts that have ONLY this attribute and not the contacts that have this attribute among others.

An OR filter won’t solve the problem, as I would also see contacts in the service appointment list that have the “Existing Customer” attribute but not the “Service Appointment” attribute.

As I am a new user, I can sadly only share one attachment.

Thank you very much for your help! Highly appreciated!

As you can see here. The person does have to attributes.

Instead of the “is equal to” condition, could you try and use the “consists of” condition? I think that should solve your problem.

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Thanks for your reply. Do you mean this filter:

If the last 2 attributes are empty the filtered list will show entries that do not include contacts with the “Anrufliste” attribute. I will attach a screenshot in the second post

As you can see. There are contacts shown that include “Bestandskunde” but do not include “Anrufliste”.

Additionally the filter “is empty” does not seem to work properly because there are customers that do have empty Terminart attribute but they are not shown. But you can see in the upper screenshot that there are customers “–” with empty attribute.

Hi, @jamiwe! There was an issue at our end due to which some filters were not working on the Select/Multi Select properties. We have fixed the “is any of” & “is empty” filters. Can you please verify if it’s working for you?

It’s working perfectly fine and as expected now! Thank you very much! Outstanding support. Highly appreciated!

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