One Domain per Application?

Hi I’m thinking of signing up for the pro plan but I have an issue. The pricing page says that you get one domain. I have loads of domains, and I was planning on making a bunch of apps, each with their own domain. Is it possible to have one domain per application? It seems limiting for my purposes.

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Hi @todosi! Welcome to the NotionApps community! I have a query about your concern. Are you suggesting linking more than one domain to your application OR would you like to purchase additional custom domains on your PRO pricing plan?

Hey Jatin! Thanks for quick reply. One domain per application I mean. So say I had 10 apps in my account, each is a small store, I would like them each to have their own domain that I already own. Like Is that possible? Considering the life deal

We are planning to introduce support to incrementally buy more custom domains in our subscription plans. As for the lifetime deal, we are still trying to understand it w.r.t. custom domains. I have DMed you some questions.
Also, I wanted to let you know that different subdomains under a single top-level domain are counted as one custom domain. So, and would be counted as just one custom domain. But, and would be counted as two custom domains.

Hi @todosi. We have also added the capability to purchase more custom domains on NotionApps. You can read more about it here, Introducing Extra Custom Domains on NotionApps.