Option to pre-filter relations

Love the fact that we can dynamically filter the list of related database entries when creating or updating a new entry.

Is it possible to add a pre-filter feature? Use case example: Adding a new task to a database and relating it to a project, I may only want to see open projects (not completed). Manually adding this filter every time is tedious and adds unnecessary friction.

Bonus, it would be amazing to be able to reference values from user input or the current row in this filter. For example, say I’m adding a new 5-minute task (prop task_type (select): “5-min”) and want to select a reward from a database of options, pre-filtered to rewards for 5-minute tasks (prop task_type (multiselect) contains currentrow[task_type]).

Another use-case for the self-referencing pre-filter is to (a) select project for task from incomplete projects (b) select from the list of open tasks for that chosen project(s) all tasks that the new task is dependent on.

Welcome to the NotionApps community @pgawd! Filtering based on relations is high on our priority list. You can track and vote for the feature here, List filters with properties from related databases.

As for the bonus part, this is also something we’ve come across before, but have not picked it up as in-app filters are available on relation selection screens to data filter in real-time. It’s an extra step and is not ideal and we will work on improving this in the future.