Page blocks not showing

I am trying to show page blocks in my app and they are successfully showing on the app editor, but then when I go to actually use the app link I just get a loading screen as per the attached screenshot.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas on what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance

As of yesterday, I had some problems loading the database on my phone. Maybe it does work today hence it’s working for me. Maybe a little culprit on your end. I guess you tired fully closing and reopening the app and pushing latest changes. As far as I know you are supposed to reload the database in the WebBrowser once to fully sync. Than push changes. Might be helping!

Hi @hass! If the suggestions offered by @jamiwe do not help, please let me know the database link & the page link in DMs and I’d take a look at it.


Hi Both,

Thanks for your support. It seems to be working now, not sure whether this was just a temp issue. Will update thread if it happens again :slight_smile:

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