Problem displaying new data in tables with user permissions

I am trying to get on with jerks for sharing between different types of users but I came across a certain problem.
I encountered some problems with data entries in the databases where I entered user permissions.
Basically if I enter a new element in the database and there is a permission to view some data, the data entered is not available immediately.
The only way to view it is to refresh the page.
This becomes very inconvenient when the system is structured to intermediate insertions, in fact updating the page the application returns to the home screen.
To better siegare the problem I put the link to the tango where there are screen shoots

I hope I could explain.
I leave wishes for a new and amazing year

Hi @Paolo_Cesareo. I am adding a temporary fix for this tonight and a more permanent fix by the end of this week.

Ok perfect!

sorry there was a problem with the translation of the following sentence: “I’m trying to go ahead with criteria for sharing between different types of users but I came across a new problem.”

I’m sorry for the inconvenience but it was late when I prepared the post and I did not reread the translation.
I hope you still managed to explain the problem that occurs.
I’ll listen to you.
Spledido continuation of the day

Hi @Paolo_Cesareo. I understand the issue. I have added a temporary fix which allows the new data to automatically show up after 5 seconds. By the end of this week, I will add a better fix which will allow your data to show up immediately.

Thank you for your patience.