Property value unicity

Today, Notion doesn’t allow validation of field unicity. For example, using a form where I’m asking users to input their name and email, a user will be able to submit multiple time the same email (multiple rows in the database will contain the same email) which I would like to avoid as this email field is used to identify the user when he login to the app.

I saw people asking about this feature on Reddit for example without finding a solution. I guess that should not be too difficult to tackle for notionapps and that will 1/ ensure the quality of data and 2/ potentially bring new users looking for such a solution.

Here is a recording with my specific use case:

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Thank you for the feature request, Julien. We have noted this feature in our internal roadmap, but do not have a date for it yet. I will update here once we decide to work on it.

Sounds good. Thanks for taking it into consideration.