Push Notifications

ability to support push notifications

do you mean like mobile notifications? interesting if they can do it but since this is a web app I’m curious how.

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Can you also elaborate on your use case for push notifications? It will help us understand the scope of the feature.

ability to link with web push notifications like one signal. Through the browser get notifications, everytime there’s an update.

Push notifications feature is one of the building blocks that we would like to add to the tool. We will pick it up in the future after adding other important features like Relation support, Desktop View etc.

While there is no direct way to enable push notifications on NotionApps, there is a good workaround. You can use tools like Make or Zapier and integrate One Signal to your Notion. You can configure to send notifications when data is changed or added on Notion (through the built app). Here is a reference, https://www.make.com/en/integrations/onesignal/notion.