Sharing a link for specific record

Hello Im building an app in which Id like to share a link with a person for a specific record so they could also do some changes on this record like upload media, but only for this record. Is this possible? Any ideas how to do it?

Hi @Tbartek! Welcome to the community. You could restrict the data of the database based on the logged-in user. You can read more about it here,
After that, you can create an “update items” screen for that database allowing the user to update only the items visible to them.

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Thanks, that was helpful. What about to share a record/page to someone for without them having to log in? Is it possible? You know, like in notion if I publish one page, someone can only view that one page and nothing else

Sure. That’s possible.

  1. You could use the filtering logic to filter out the single record
  2. Make the app public
  3. Publish the app

P.S. If you want to show the page content in addition to the page properties, please use the “Show Page Blocks” component.

@Tbartek Were you able to work with the suggestion I provided?