Sign Up Feature


I was thinking instead of just allowing users to log in, it makes sense for them to be able to register as well.

This can be as simple as having a button with URL. The ability to edit the login page would solve this.


Thanks for suggesting this feature, Thomas. We do want to enable signup/register functionality on the login pages, it is in the roadmap for the coming months. Though it does seem like a logical next step, here are some questions for you that will help us define the feature,

  1. What is your use case for signing up or registering new users?
  2. The first version of signup, will have a similar confirmation method (OTP by email), will that work for your use case?
  3. Do you need any registration/sign-up form? If so, what data do you expect the user to fill out?

Thanks for your response.

I’m building a Mental Health Counselling app for my own business.

My current signup process:
Calendly Booked (New Customer) → Zapier → Update Customer email in Notion → Send App Link via email to customer

So in my case, I don’t need signup; just the ability to include Button will do as I want to redirect potential customers to the actual Booking Page.

but of course, signup would be ideal for long-term but understand that might take a bit longer.


Hi Sameer,

I do have a case for the sign-up feature. I would like people to be able to register to my application and provide data such as first and last name, email, photo etc which will complete their perfil. Note that some data could be optional and other mandatory.

Some thoughts about it:

  • During sign-up, we may show a subset of the information (e.g. minimum required for sign-up)
  • Once logged-in the user will be able to update his profile
  • Data is store in the user table in notion
  • This table can contain all fields needed by the app that will be exposed (configurable) in the sign up page and/or in the profile page (user update

In term of sign up/login method, I would go for a basic login/password method first (or maybe your current method with a code sent via email is enough) and I would quickly add the Google authentication which really speed up the process.

I’m creating a social app. So allowing users to register and complete their profile is key for me.

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Hey Julien, thanks for elaborating on the need for the sign-up feature for your use case. We are tracking it in the roadmap, as it is important for other use cases too. Most of your thoughts align with the scope of the feature. You can stay updated about it here - Sign-up feature.

Yes. This is exactly what I would need. I’ll follow this feature. Thanks!


Public users can’t sign-in and can’t signup?

Hi @idr! Public user signup is a feature that we’re working on. The feature will be ready before the end of March. However, there is a workaround possible.

  1. Create a signup app with a form where you can accept entries into your users’ database.
  2. After a user submits the form, you could ask them to open the main app which has the actual data.
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