Some difficulties with sharing between users

I’m having a bit of a hard time getting the shares running smoothly between the various application users.
I basically have 3-4 levels of sharing but I can’t overcome the problems related to multiple permissions.
In short, I have to make sure that the studio collaborators can access all the study data on certain managed clients, while the managed clients will have to access only the deti of their buildings.
Then external users (maintainers, lawyers, etc.) will have to access only certain situations.
Here is the link to the graph to better understand the situation.
I do not know if a similar case has already happened to any of you and I thank you right now for your support.

Hi @Paolo_Cesareo. Thank you for posting your query. The single-level and maximum-level sharing should be possible by creating 2 different apps for these user groups. However, medium-level sharing (sharing with groups) is something that we are still working on. This might be available in the middle or late February.

If I may ask, how many users can be part of one group/building?

Okay, so you think you’re creating two Fronts of the app: the account holder app and the app for its employees, right?
While for groups we will have something ready later.
In truth I have been able to find a solution to share the account with the collaborators joining the collaborator’s email to the owner’s email and creating in the databases a common sharing mail.
I thought I’d create something like this for groups…

If this works for you, then great! You could pull the user emails belonging to a group using a Rollup property and then use to restrict the data using “User Specific Data” restriction.

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We have fixed this. You can now use a relation property (related to your users database) for data restriction.