Suggestions for Improving App Filter Options: More Meaningful Date Filtering Choices

Hello everyone,

When using the app and utilizing the “In-App Filtering” feature, for example, to filter by date, the current selection is quite impractical. It would make much more sense to have a “Date Picker” or options like “This Week,” “Before Today,” or “This Month” similar to Notion. Sorting data alphabetically is rather unhelpful. Perhaps this is something that could be considered for future updates!

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the suggestion, @jamiwe! This is part of a feature called pre-defined in-app filters, where you can define the filters in advance and they appear as small capsules in the in-app filtering menu.
I don’t have a timeline for it yet but we will add it in the near future.
For the time being, a workaround could be to create different screens for different cohorts of time and add corresponding normal filtering to those screens.

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